general process

1. Injury occurs
An injury case begins as soon as the injury occurs. The main concern during this step is getting to a doctor or hospital to ensure that you minimize the scope of the injury.
3. Notices are sent
Notices are sent to every party involved in the dispute (or their representatives), and to their respective insurance companies. Contacting your lawyer as soon as possible will allow him or her to get the notices to all parties involved prior to the expiration of any statutes of limitations.
5. Attorneys contact care providers
Your attorney will contact your care providers to let them know he or she is working with you on a liability claim. Often, but not always, this causes the care providers to hold off on collections efforts.
7. File a lawsuit
If your attorneys do not reach a consensus with the insurance provider, they will move forward with a lawsuit to begin the process of receiving fair compensation.
9. Undergo trial
If efforts at settlement fail, a trial will take place. In these cases, a judge or jury will decide how much, if any, the injured party can and will be compensated.
2. An attorney is contacted
Contacting a lawyer might be the most important step. Informing your attorney of the injury and the circumstances can allow him or her to guide you through the process and help you gather all the relevant information that may be used later in your case.
4. Medical records are obtained
Your attorney receives all medical records related to the accident and at least 2 years prior.
6. Attempt to settle with insurance
At this point, your attorney’s goal is to settle the dispute with the liability insurance provider for the at-fault person/party. If the insurance company does not provide fair compensation, which happens frequently, your attorney will move to the next step in the process.
8. Attempt to resolve in mediation
When an agreement can’t be reached with the insurance company, an independent third party will often stand as an intermediate in helping the parties solve the dispute reasonably.
10. Attempt to reduce medical expenses
In the final step of the process, your attorney will work to get medical bills reduced through negotiation with care providers and insurance companies. Doing so can increase the amount of compensation you can receive.


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