Individuals dealing with an injury caused by an accident may be afraid of hiring an attorney based on cost misconceptions. Lawyers usually use two different ways to bill clients. They can charge a flat fee or they can charge on a contingency basis. Flat fees are typically used in civil cases that do not include an injury, such as family law, estate planning, and real estate.

Contingency-Based Billing

Contingency-based billing, which is the method used by the lawyers at Berry Law Firm, only charges clients if the case is won. This method of billing can be beneficial to the injured individual by keeping them free of financial stress if their case is lost. When a contingency-based fee is assessed, a percentage of the winnings will be given to the attorney. The percentage rate should be discussed with your attorney to ensure there will be no confusion following the end of a case.
The contingency fee can be decided as either a percentage of the gross judgement or net judgement. In the case of gross judgement, the client will be charged a percentage of the total award prior to legal expenses being deducted. With net judgement, the client is charged a percentage of the total award after deducting the legal expenses.

Factors Determining Fees

Several different factors can impact the fees that lawyers will charge, including:

  1. The size of the law firm;
  2. The lawyer’s experience;
  3. The location of the firm;
  4. The nature of the case; and
  5. The complexity of the case.


Expenses can also vary based on whether the injury claim actually goes to trial. Most cases are settled outside of court without a complaint against the at-fault party ever being filed. This happens when the at-fault party complies with the request letter written by your lawyer. When a formal complaint is filed and the claim goes to court, legal expenses will often increase due to the addition of paperwork, processes, and other expenses such as:

  1. Accessing medical records;
  2. Accessing police reports;
  3. Expert witness fees;
  4. Filing fees;
  5. Depositions; and
  6. Trial exhibits.

Hiring a Lawyer

In the legal world, you often get what you pay for. The cheapest option may not be your best choice. The attorneys at Berry Law Firm will provide experience and dependability when handling your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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