After an injury, the last thing you want to think about is how much time might be spent trying to get the compensation you deserve, especially considering all the physical, mental, and financial problems you are facing.

The true answer for how much time a personal injury case will take can vary. Some of the factors impacting your case may be beyond your control; they are sometimes even beyond your lawyer’s control. Some cases can be handled hastily—within weeks. Others may drag on for months or years. Factors determining how much time a personal injury case will take are:

  • Missing or inaccurate facts;
  • The value of the case;
  • Difficulty of proving liability;
  • Insurance companies;
  • The scope of the injuries; or
  • The victim’s health.

Accept or Decline?

Sometimes, accepting the insurance company’s initial offer may lead to a quicker turnaround in a personal injury case. However, this usually leads to lower monetary compensation for the injured. There are many reasons why this happens, but the main reason is simple: The injured person did not choose a lawyer who knows when to accept or decline the insurance company’s settlement offer. A committed and qualified attorney with the best interests of his/her client in mind can prove vital in these cases. Sometimes this will lead to a longer settlement process, which will ultimately benefit the injured person.

Working with an Attorney

One of the most important aspects of any injury case is keeping your attorney informed throughout the entire legal process. Going through a personal injury case without the correct legal guidance could lead to a much longer claims process.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Perhaps the most crucial factor in determining how much time a personal injury case will take is whether the injured party has reached maximum medical improvement, or is healed as much as possible. This does not mean the injured person is free of pain and healed to the point they were before the injury, but instead means that their injuries have improved to the most reasonable amount possible.

Once you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, there can be additional expenses for certain factors including:

  • Rehabilitation;
  • Inability to work; and
  • Added financial loss.

The amount of time used to put together an estimate rests entirely on how much time it will take for the injured party to reach maximum medical improvement. A quick settlement on a personal injury case usually means one of the following:

  • The injury was minor;
  • the injured person(s) accepted the insurance company’s initial offer; or
  • the insurance company tried to close the settlement as quickly as possible.

Hiring Representation

Resolving a personal injury case may take longer than expected. The experienced, dedicated attorneys at Berry Law Firm can provide you with the legal guidance and counsel needed to reach the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time. Call Berry Law Firm today at (402) 466-8444 for a free consultation.

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